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If you counted up all the times I heard the word “car” my first 360 months on Earth* and then counted the times I’ve heard it in the past month, I’m betting last month would win.

I’m not sure how to fully express the depth of Ryan’s love of cars. Real cars, cartoon cars, toy cars, pictures of cars, cars that drive past our kitchen window, car commercials on TV – they’re all equally amazing to him. The daycare parking lot? Is his Disneyland. 

He gets so excited when he sees a car that he doesn’t just yell out “Car!” He actually gasps first. Picture the most over-the-top, dramatic gasp you can think of.


He also fancies himself an automobile expert. To him, a boat is “boat.” An airplane is “airplane.” And a car, a truck and a bus are all “car.” He cannot be persuaded otherwise, as evidenced by this conversation over the weekend:

Ryan: *GASP* Car!
Mom: Oooh, that one is actually a truck.
Ryan: Car.
Mom: Truuuuck.
Ryan Caaaar.
Mom: Truck truck truck!
Ryan: Car car car!

Taking his cousin for a joyride in Ohio.

I love that he has found something in life to be passionate about. More accurately, I love that I finally have an effective way of distracting him from ThingsHeWantsButCannotHave.

Ryan: More.
Mom: More what, milk? You’ve had enough milk.
Ryan: More!
Mom: You can have water if you’re still thirsty.
Ryan: MORE!
Mom: Dude, a car just drove by.
Ryan: Car? *GASP* Car!

*Dang, that is officially the last time I measure my life in months.