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Do you ever have one of those days/weeks/months where you feel like your head might explode because you’ve got so many ideas floating around and you can’t figure out the best course of action but know that you must take some sort of action?

I’m feeling restless and motivated and need a place to direct all of this energy. And I think I am narrowing down the options, but I’m afraid of making the wrong choice. And I have a real talent for talking myself out of an idea before it ever really has a chance. So I’m trying not to do that, either.

I know, I’m being unfairly cryptic. Such is life.

Speaking of mentally draining one’s self, remember that Photo 52 – ABCs project that I’ve been working on all year? This week was Letter X. Go ahead, try to come up with a word you can illustrate with a toddler that starts with X.*

I spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about the letter X and how I could cheat this week. Like X is for… eXcited! It seemed like a cop-out though. I’m going to use these photos to make Ryan an alphabet book at the end of the year, and I can’t very well have the kid grow up thinking that X is for excited.

Not that I over-think things or anything.

Anyway, the solution finally occurred to me last night.

But what on Earth am I going to do in December, when we get back to the letter X a second time??**

*Other than xylophone… we all know that one. But Ryan doesn’t own a xylophone, so it does me no good in this case.
**I guess I’ll have to buy him a xylophone. 

P.S. Clearly I am in need of sand and ocean for a week. Luckily, that is happening in the very near future. 
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If not, expect a smattering of photo posts titled “Omg, I love the beach!” in a couple of weeks.