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I met Taylor when I was pregnant with Ryan. We quickly became very good friends and I and was more than thrilled when she also became pregnant – with a little cutie name Lucy – a few months before Ryan was born. 

We don’t always parent the same way, but we do always support each other. And while I struggle with the decision of when on Earth to have kiddo #2, she is getting ready to welcome a little boy of her own very soon. I am expecting her to take extremely detailed notes on How To Manage Two Kids, should I need them someday. Check out her blog, Growing Baby Shelton.


Becominga parent for the first time is pretty wild, whether your little bundle ofjoy is planned or unplanned.  There are so many expectations to meetand decisions to make, you might make some mistakes along the way (ok,that’s a lie, you most definitely will).  But that, my friends,is what the second child is for.

My secondis due in late August – though, he’s made it perfectly clear that he followshis own schedule – and I’m eager to get it right this time meet myson!  Here’s a look at what I’d like to do differently…
1. Buy cuter clothes.  I’ve yet to step footinside Gymboree or GAP, but I did recently discover TheChildren’s Place and Crazy 8.  Prior to that, my kid lived in Carter’sonesies.
2. Raise a social butterfly.  Lucy is a lotlike me.  And by that I mean, she doesn’t like a lot of people.  Wequarantined ourselves for the first six weeks of her life, and did all butinsist our visitors wear hazmat suits when they came to meether.  Baby #2 is going to be held by everyone within a 5-mileradius of my house.  We won’t have any ofthis crying nonsense when being held by someone other than Momor Dad.  
3. Avoid using nursing as a crutch.  TheHuman Pacifier has a somewhat embarrassing announcement to make, I comfort nursed and nursed on demand because I didn’tknow what else to do.  This resulted in two less thanideal outcomes:  a very difficult transition to daycare and a very largebaby (99th percentile, if we’re being perfectly honest).   
4. Cry-It-Out (much) earlier.  Inconjunction with #3, Baby #2 will learn to self-soothe much, muchearlier.  I nursed Lucy to sleep for the first nine months of her life;however, I did not master the “nurse-and-ditch” maneuver untilshe was 7 or 8 months old…    
5. Baby sign languageAt least the basics. 
6. Not suck at cloth diapering.  Lucy hasbeen in cloth since she was 8 days old, and we have had morethan our share of good and gross experiences.  I’d like tothink that we’ll be able to stay ahead of the diaper rash and leaks thistime.  And, as an added bonus, we’ll know to adjustthe diaper sprayer water pressure before rinsing our first poopy diaper!
7. Accept what is.  I accept that my house will bea mess.  I accept that there will almost always be some kind of stainon my shirt.  I accept that motherhood is more about surviving than graceand perfection.  And for the love of God, I will accept any andall help that is offered.
Whatwill you (or did you) do differently with your second child?