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Well, then. I’m back.

I’m tempted to give you the minute-by-minute replay of The Flight(s) From Hell. Also, The Car Ride(s) From Hell.

But I really can’t complain because there was also a lot of this:

And views like this:

  Not to mention, Sponge Bob Happy Hours:

We were at the beach with my in-laws for a week. It was hard to get there but amazing to be there. Not only did Ryan learn a slew of new words on this trip (including “ocean,” “beach” and “kite”), he also learned how to “cheers” your beer with his milk. Turns out, kid loves a good “cheers.”

Before I crash like whoa in my own bed, I feel compelled to share with you my new Number One Top Tip for Traveling with Toddlers.

Always, always bring extra toddler clothes on the plane. Not just a spare shirt. Bottoms, too, for the love of God. Even if your kid hasn’t blown out a diaper in months – even a year.  Bring. Spare. Shorts.

If you don’t, Murphy’s Law will take effect, and you will find yourself with a damp kid and a damp stroller. Not one single restroom in the entire terminal will have hand dryers in the restrooms to improve your situation. Simultaneously, the whole world will run out of milk, just to rub salt in the wound and ensure that your kid resembles a rabid animal by the end of the flight.

Bring spare shorts.