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I have something to share with you.

(I’m not pregnant.)

I’ve been preparing for this for some time, and I’m finally ripping off the band aid.

(And I don’t plan to be anytime soon, so stop waiting for an announcement.)

I’m starting a business.

(See? Who has time to start a business AND have another kid?)

As much as I like writing about my kid, I like to occasionally write about non-Ryan-related things. It increases my likelihood of maintaining my sanity. Hence, Magna Writing & Editing was born.

Shameless plug time…

Magna offers corporate writing, editing and social media services of all kinds, specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses: website language, newsletters, press releases, advertising copy, social media bios, articles, business blog posts, product descriptions, and on and on.

Basically, if it needs words, we can write it; if it already has words, we can edit it.

As a thank you for hanging out with me in this space and listening to endless “my kid is nuts” stories, I’m offering all readers a 25 percent discount on services through August. Just email me at magnawriting at gmail dot com and mention you’re a Phase Three of Life reader.

While we’re at it, go ahead and click here to “like” Magna Writing & Editing on Facebook. I post serif jokes and explain why you should minimize your exclamation point usage. It’s so fun!!!!

I still will be writing here regularly. Because when I arrive at daycare to see my kid happily twirling in a pretty pink princess dress? I need to tell someone. And when I take that dress off and he throws the biggest tantrum of his little life?* Well, if that ain’t blog material, I don’t know what is.

In closing, please wish me luck. Or suggest me to people who need words. Or both.

*True story.