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Ryan really likes when I hold and/or carry him. Like, reeeeeally likes it. In theory, I kind of like it, too. That he needs me so much and feels so connected to me.
But in practice, I get a lot of this:

That’s right. He likes me to hold and/or carry him; but only while I’m standing. I am not allowed to sit. I am not allowed to lean. I cannot figure out why it makes a difference if I lean on something. It’s like he knows I’m not trying hard enough.

I have a mantra that I repeat to myself every day, and it goes like this: You will miss this. One day, he won’t want you to hold him anymore and you will miss this. Enjoy it because you will miss this. 

But after 20 minutes of standing and holding 31 pounds of toddler in the pediatrician’s waiting room – wearing heels, no less – the toddler and The Mantra start to wear on my nerves. I think I’m ready to miss this.

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