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The lovely Katie over at Love, Lattes & Lullabies tagged me in a 10 Things About Me post. I decided to switch it up a bit – cuz that’s how I roll – so instead I present you with….

5 Things I’ve Learned About My Husband Since We Had a Kid

1. He is meticulous about dispensing medication. Good thing, because I forget about it approximately 65 percent of the time. If it weren’t for him, Ryan would only get his daily allergy meds like every second or third day.

2. If I leave the two of them alone in a room for more than two minutes, I will return to find upwards of 15 cars and trucks rolled across the entire surface of the floor.

3. He doesn’t put up with whining. So Ryan doesn’t whine much with him. I still haven’t figured out how to master this skill.

4. He has a Dad Face.

5. He can do a dead-on Elmo impersonation. I think it sounds more like Elmo than Elmo does. Ryan thinks it’s hysterical. I think it’s a little creepy.

In addition, he takes block-building very seriously.

What have you learned about your spouse since the kiddos entered the picture?