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Mike and I have been doing some major reorganizing this month. I think it’s partly because the heat is unrelenting and we can’t even stand to run errands right now on account of the horrid walk from car to store. The low temperature every night this week is 91 degrees. The LOW, people. So we stay home and we organize.

We even bought a hard drive to store our photos and videos because our poor little laptop has been wheezing under the weight of my iPhone camera addiction. Through the photo-transporting process, Mike found this gem:

We call this “Angel Baby Mode.”

Ryan was just four months old in this picture. Now that he’s older, he’s more likely to sleep on his side or his stomach or cover his face with his blanket. But once in a while, we get lucky and we find him on his back with this sweet expression on his face. No matter how much he whines or how many tantrums he throws in a day, when I peek in on him at night and see Angel Baby Mode, I swoon.

I wonder if he’ll still look this precious when he’s 16.