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I’ve written occasionally about Ryan’s daycare teacher, Ms. R. I have mentioned that she has a thick Yugoslavian accent that is awesome and sometimes difficult to understand. She loves my kid like a grandson and proudly tells us all the amazing things he does.

He is her favorite. Of all time. I am sure of it. I will present my case…

Top Three Ways I Know My Kid Is The Favorite At School

Evidence #1: She thinks he is the smartest kid in the world.

I don’t see Ms. R very often. She’s there first thing in the morning when Mike drops Ryan off but usually a different teacher is there when I pick him up in the afternoon. But on the days I do see her? She never fails to tell me how smart he is. For example:

  • “He soooo smart. He surprise me today. I read book, he say something… I don’t exactly remember what he say. I read lot of book, you know. But I remember he surprise me cuz he so smart.”
  • “He count. I say ‘one,’ he say ‘two,’ I say ‘three,’ he say ‘four.’ He know; he smart.”
  • “I tell him cow say ‘Mooooooo!’ And I say ‘What come from cow? Milk aaannnnnd….’ and he say ‘Cheese!!’ He so smart.”
  • “He know ABCs. Sometime, he sing ABC with song. He so smart.”
  • “He know to tell me when other kid hit him, you know. I say ‘Ryan, who push you?’ and he say kid name. He know. He smart.”

Evidence #2: She bends the rules for him.

I picked him up early one day and when I walked in, she was changing his diaper. Ryan was hugging a large toy bus, and she glanced at it with a guilty look on her face.

“Oh. Heh. Ees not supposed to haf toy on changing table… but you know, he think someone take if he leave on floor. So I say ‘Ok, you bring toy on changing table.’ But he not supposed to. But I say it ok, you know.”

Evidence #3: She notices and appreciates his sense of style.

She’s been known to say things like: “Oh! New shoe! Every day, new shirt, new shoe. Has so many shoe.”

When Ryan appeared with a new shirt from his recent trip to the beach, Ms. R’s reaction was: “Ohhhhhh, lemme seeeee dees new shirt!”

Best picture I have of the shirt, which doesn’t do it justice.

I rest my case.

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