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I’m not here to complain that my toddler is picky. It’s a proven fact that ninety-seven percent of all toddlers are picky. I just think it’s a little strange what he is picky for.
What Ryan will eat:
  • Things that can be dipped into other things, such as baked veggie sticks dipped in hummus or french fries dipped in ketchup.
  • Breakfast foods, including english muffins with jelly, cereal, pancakes, french toast sticks.
  • Crackers of any kind. You could hand him a stick and tell him it’s a cracker and he’d eat it.
  • Bananas.
  • Homemade chocolate-covered marshmallows.
I was pleased he enjoyed my efforts on this, but let’s be honest: They aren’t nearly as impressive or delicious as my cheesecake, the site of which practically makes him throw up in his mouth.
What Ryan will not eat:
  • Real veggie sticks.
  • Any fruit other than bananas.
  • Basic toddler fare: macaroni and cheese, pizza, etc.
  • Any kind of sandwich.
  • Any kind of pasta.
  • Anything with cheese.
  • Cake.

I need ideas. The elimination of pasta and cheese has me seriously stumped. What does one eat if one does not eat pasta and cheese? This is a foreign concept to me.
He doesn’t have a huge appetite for dinner, but he definitely needs to eat something. From the second we get into the car at daycare, he’s begging me for “Dippies? Cracker, dippies. Pees. Bilk. Cracker, dippies, bilk, pees.” (Translation: I would like some crackers dipped in hummus, along with some milk to wash it down. Please.) 
So he ends up with a banana and whole wheat crackers with hummus. Or some chicken sausage, sweet potato fries and ketchup. Not terrible, as far as toddler food goes, but it feels like we are stuck in a major rut. 
I do sometimes do “breakfast for dinner,” which he thinks is fun. But he’s allergic to eggs, so we’re limited on what we can do with that.
I need suggestions. Good ways to sneak in nutritious food that doesn’t involve sandwiches, pasta or cheese. You get bonus points if the meal can be made ahead of time or prepared in less than 5 minutes, cuz he eats as soon as we get home (lack of nap at daycare + kid who really needs a good nap in order to be an agreeable human = mad rush to get him to bed at night).

Help. Pees.