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Tonight, for the first time, I sat down with my kid and created some artwork. I came home with a project idea and – if I do say so myself – we hit a home run.

Is it weird that I just did this for the first time and he’s a few breaths away from turning 2? I guess I figure he does enough of this stuff at daycare, so I get to choose clean activities that won’t wreck my house when he’s with me. Why spend hundreds of dollars on daycare each month if not to protect my nice dining room table, yes?

Anyway, behold! The Yugoslavian flag with a hand print instead of a star:


I know. You’re pissed that you didn’t think of it.

Ryan’s favorite teacher, Ms. R, is heading to Yugoslavia for a month to visit her family. She keeps saying crazy things like “Ohhhh, I will miss ‘dem so muuuuch! I wish I take ‘dem wit meeeee.”

And we’re all, “Ms. R, don’t be a lunatic. Enjoy your vacation and forget these little terrors ever existed.”

But she seems genuinely upset about the whole thing, so we thought she needed a little send-off, Ryan-style. Now I am feeling like Super Awesome Crafty Mom, which I’m sure will last for another, eh, 20 minutes or so.

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