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I pleaded for advice last week on what on Earth to feed a toddler who enjoys hummus but not cheese.

I’ve gotten some great suggestions, including black bean burgers, cauliflower mashed potatoes and fruit pizzas on english muffins.

I’m proud to report that I made Ryan a killer batch of smoothies today, full of all kinds of awesomeness, including strawberries, bananas, carrot juice and Greek yogurt. He loved it.

Victory! Mom: 1; Ryan: 0.

But then we went out for lunch at a local bakery and ordered him a kid’s meal: A ham sandwich, organic yogurt and chocolate chip cookie.

He yelled out in anger the second he saw the sandwich, poking furiously at the bread. Then he spotted the yogurt and quickly gobbled that up, practically licking the plate clean.

Then he did this:

Bread is offensive; ham is not.

To wrap up, he took a bite of the chocolate chip cookie and spit it back out with a look of such disgust that you’d think we’d fed him rotten eggs.

Mom: 1; Ryan: 1.