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After what can only be described as a rough few weeks, I think things are calming down. And by “calming down,” I mean “still-really-super-hectic-and-emotional-but-grasping-at-the-positive.”

I’m in the throes of Second Birthday Planning. (As an aside: I just realized that my kid turns two in a matter of days. Dude is getting all grown up. SniffTear.) I’m doing a whole “Choo-choo-choo! Ryan’s Turning Two!” theme and am attempting to get in touch with my inner train-related craftiness. Can’t say that I’m totally rocking out these DIY projects, but I can say that I’m trying.
Meanwhile, I’m also attempting to figure out how a couple of other little celebrations fit into the month’s plans (Mike’s birthday sort of flew past me and our wedding anniversary is threatening to do the same), while also working on my new business.

In addition, we are somewhat evaluating the entirety of our lives. Ok, it’s not that dramatic. But it kind of is. For our little family at least. (Want the details? I talk about some of it over at Sluiter Nation today.)

The great thing about almost-two-year-olds is that – if you handle yourself properly – they are totally oblivious to the stress of those around them. They still want milk and crackers for every meal and their world still comes crashing down around them if you force them to wear socks.

He’s getting to be so fun. He said his first full sentence: “I see a car!” (Not surprising, given his affinity toward all things vehicular). Oh, and? He now smiles for the camera.

So I’m focusing at all the positives coming up – celebrations, family in town, and a break in the heat (because at this point in the desert summer, anything less than 100 is perfection).

Help me keep it going! Tell me something happy going on in your life right now.