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Oh, Ryan. Two years old.

Two years ago today, you changed our lives, you made us a family.

Your time in our lives has been fleeting and forever all at once.

Two. It’s somehow so much bigger than one.

How can I describe how proud I am of you? You’re becoming more independent every day. You want to do everything for yourself, including getting your own milk and turning on your own bath water. You don’t need us by your side quite as much as you used to, and you’re more confident to go off and explore new things.In the past week, you finally discovered the joy of running. 

Despite your new-found independence, by nature, you’re still very reserved. We joke with you sometimes that you’re too cautious for a toddler, that you need to live a little; be a kid. But this characteristic is actually one of my favorite things about you because it is so uniquely you. You observe, you take things in, you consider. You think long and hard before you take a chance or try something new. Although I’ll always encourage you to follow your heart and have faith now and then, I also think the way you look at the world, through such a measured, thoughtful lens, is something that others will admire. I know I do.

You are my best helper. All I need to say is “Ryan, can you help Mommy?!” and you drop whatever you’re doing and come running. You help me with laundry, sweeping, dusting, loading the dishwasher. You walk behind me and close every door I forgetfully (or purposely) leave ajar. You even carefully gather any food you have left over after you’re done with a meal and then you wipe down your own tray.

You are so smart. Almost every day, I utter the words “I wonder how he knew that…” Daddy’s response is always the same: “Because he’s a smart guy!” It’s true; you are like a sponge right now, soaking up every word or concept you come into contact with. You can pick up the tune of a song after hearing it just a couple of times; you know that choosing which pajamas you’ll wear at night is serious business; you know when you’re in trouble and, more importantly, how to get back in our good graces.

You are passionate, especially as it pertains to anything related to Mickey Mouse, dinosaurs, trains, cars, Sponge Bob, Elmo, playing outside, or going bye-byes. Your absolute favorite thing in the world: Crackers and Dippies. Kid, you love to dip food. Like, you really, really love it.You have such a warm and charming way about you. I call you the “Mayor of Daycare” because you wave and say goodbye to every single person we pass as we walk out of school each afternoon. You are so very gentle with Belle. You are excited to see me and Daddy when we burst into your bedroom every morning. You give me the best hugs when you leave for school. (How do you always know when I need an extra one?)

You are our happiness. You are a constant reminder that the little stresses of life don’t matter; that the little joys are everything.

You are the greatest thing we’ve ever done.You are the best two years of my life.

Love you, Bub.