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I’m doing it….

I’m taking the great plunge, the big leap, the whatever…

I’m offering advertising on Phase Three of Life.

Advertising on Phase Three gets you one or more of the following: recognition, notoriety, fame, envy.

Phase Three of Life has a solid following and is growing every day:

  • 172 Google Reader subscribers (plus dozens of email subscribers)
  • 202 Twitter Followers (@phase3oflife)
  • 106 Facebook Followers
  • 8,000 Average Monthly Page Views
Phase Three of Life currently offers a basic 150×150 ad for just $7 per month and one special featured ad for $10 per month. (Featured ad perks: Top ad placement, at least 2 Twitter mentions per month, and one Facebook post to a blog, shop or link of your choice.)

Because I’m oh-so new at this and want you to get a smokin’ deal: Use promo code “newadvertiser” to get $1 off your ad! 

Any questions, concerns or just want to chat? Email me at phasethreeoflife at gmail dot com.