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Once upon a time, not all that long ago, it was impossible to imagine Ryan doing certain “big kid” things.

Hi! I’m little!

Well, it’s happening. I can’t ignore it any longer… it is time to come to grips with a simple but obvious fact: We have a Big Boy in our house.

Top Six Ways I Know My Toddler is a Big Boy

  1. He insists on washing his hands every morning and evening, mostly because he can finally reach the water from his very own Big Boy Stool. 
  2. He is sporting new shoes that looked freakishly large in the box and yet fit him perfectly.
  3. Our new worry: That he will unlock the door to the garage and waltz out.
  4. Kid vocalizes a strong opinion on what he wants to wear. (In case you’re wondering — jerseys, button-down shirts, socks and pants are prohibited; mismatched pajamas are preferred at all times.)
  5. A training potty has been ordered and is making its way to my home.
  6. The big boy booster seat.

I think I was in a bit of denial over how old he was getting until I started looking at the pictures of him in his booster seat.

I admit that I held off on the booster seat in favor of the high chair for as long as my back would allow (big boys are heavy). I was afraid it would be a battle to get him to sit in a new spot for meal times; I was afraid he would be sad and miss his high chair.

Turns out, I didn’t need to worry. When Ryan saw his new booster seat, dude ran to it, pulled the chair out from the table himself and tried to climb into it, proclaiming “Ry-ee chair! Ry-ee chair!

Yes, Ryan’s chair. Ryan’s big boy chair.