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I think Ryan enjoys his allergies. 

This morning, I overheard Mike negotiating with Ryan in what has become a pretty typical exchange in our house.

Mike: Yes, you need to wear socks.
Ryan: Nooooooo! No, Daddy!
Mike: Yes, Ryan.You need to wear socks because then we’re going to get your shoes on so you can go to school and have breakfast.
Ryan: No sock! Daddy, no! No. Sock.
Mike: Yes, socks. Yes, yes, socks.
Ryan: Daddy, no sock … Tickles?
Mike: You want tickles? Ok, socks first. Socks first, then tickles.
Ryan: Yeah, tickles.

Ryan didn’t actually want to be tickled. He wanted his nasal spray. We have to give him this spray every morning to keep his allergies at bay. Months ago, we started calling the spray “nose tickles” and it sort of stuck, and now he loves it. In fact, he thinks it’s a treat and that he has somehow won every morning when we agree he can have it.

Know what else he loves? “Grape stuff.” That’s the liquid allergy medicine he gets every morning. He thinks it’s pretty cool to drink that out of one of those mini plastic medicine cups, so he’s into that, too.

I’m still working on getting him fully on board with the daily saline flush of his sinuses. But I’m getting close. He’s still a bit resistant to the actual process, but he’s starting to see some major value in seeing how many boogers we can flush out. We all yell “whooooaaaaa! boogerrrrssssss!” whenever we have a particularly successful flush.

I’m learning that placating a toddler is all about how well you can window-dress.