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The scene: Ryan happily splashes in the bathtub, digging through his toys. He suddenly rediscovers his foam bath letters and happens upon the letter R, which he holds up high in the air.

Mom: Letter R! R is foooooor ……
Ryan: …. RYAN!
Mom: YES! R is for Ryan! You are SO SMART! R is for Ryan! Great job!

Confidence growing, Ryan reaches for another letter: E.

Mom: Letter E! E is fooooor…
Ryan: …. RYAN!
Mom: Hahaha! No, silly! Rrrrrr is for Ryan. E is for Elephant!
Ryan: Elephant!
Mom: Yes, elephant! E is for…
Ryan: RYAN!
Mom: Elephant. E is for Elephant. What other letters do you have?

Ryan plucks an L from the the basket and triumphantly holds it in the air.

Mom: Ooooooh, letter L! L is for…
Ryan: RYAN!
Mom: Ha, no, goofball… L is for… Love! Cuz I love you.
Ryan: Love.
Mom: Right! L is for….
Ryan: RYAN!