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At two years old, Ryan graduated from most of the big “first” milestones some time ago. First smile, first tooth, first bite of solid food, first army crawl across the room, and on and on.

After the first birthday and the first steps, the pressure of waiting for the firsts falls off a bit. You hit a bit of a groove and adopt a slight I-got-this swagger.

(And then the first full-on public tantrum hits and God laughs at you a little bit. But let’s not dwell.)

All of a sudden, it seems like we’re flying through a whole new group of “firsts.” Only this time, they’re Big Boy Firsts. Sometimes, you don’t even realize it’s a first until you’re in the middle of it.

1. First ink. Opted for a dinosaur, naturally. I really didn’t expect him to sit still for this, but he did. (The kid can’t lay calmly through a diaper change, but he was the picture of stoic while getting his arm painted.) He even followed directions to not touch it for five minutes afterward so that it could dry. (Yet he can’t follow an often-repeated command to not throw his toys? Hm, curious.)

2. First train ride. He ran toward the thing – nearly being run over by a golf cart in the process – yelling “I ride choo-choo!”

3. First time sitting in his own chair, sans booster seat, at a restaurant. The outing ended with me frantically packing up our lunch as Mike hauled a tantruming toddler out a side door. (He wanted “baaaaaaaah,” and we didn’t know what that was cuz we suck like that).

Oh! How could I forget his first-ever amusement park ride?!

I don’t think he had any fun during that experience, but we sort of did. (Sorry, dude.)

He’s growing up!