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After yesterday’s rant about Toddler Whining and How Unacceptable It Is, I figured I should balance things out today. Lest I seem like I’m always annoyed with my kiddo, which is not the case. (Just on Sunday nights.)

Fun things:

1. When Ryan knows he’s in trouble, he breaks out his most charming smile and says “Hi, Mommy! Hi, Mommy! Hi, Mommy!” until I break and smile back.

2. He insists on wearing a pink ski cap at daycare. His teacher says she tried to switch it out with a more boyish hat, but he was insulted at the very suggestion. I have to agree with him: pink-flowered fleece looks smashing on him.

3. He takes his right shoe and sock off when he’s riding in the car. Never his left shoe and sock. Just the right. Then he says “Ohhhh! Shoe dropped!

4. No matter how many times I sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” Ryan’s response to “… and on his farm he had a …” is always the same: CHICKEN!