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Today, we attended a friend’s surprise birthday party.

It was in the bowling alley of the college campus where I work.

We took Ryan, against our better judgement.

We knew he had an ear infection that was bothering him. We knew he was whiny. For some reason, we went anyway. Maybe because we’re tired of canceling on people at the last minute with the “Ryan has an ear infection and is whiny” excuse. Even though it’s true, I’m sure it starts to get old after a while.

But I’m pretty sure we made our point today. I’m pretty sure the next time we pull the “Ryan is whiny” card with this group, they will understand.

It was a bowling / pizza party. Here are all the things that piss Ryan off about a bowling / pizza party:

1. He’s too little to lift a bowling ball.
2. He’s too little to run onto the bowling lane (because they don’t have bowling shoes little enough to fit his feet).
3. The pizza (because pizza is not crackers or bananas).
4. The lack of milk.
5. The fact that every single balloon was tied down to a pole and he was unable to run off with them.
6. The fact that Mom and Dad were there and acting like they were in charge.

We were at the party for a total of 45 minutes. Twenty of those minutes were spent waiting for the birthday girl. I did manage to hug her and tell her happy birthday before commiserating with another mom who told me to “Just give him some pizza and soda and he’ll be fine!”

Uh, great idea. Except that he doesn’t like pizza. And at (barely) age 2, I’m not willing to introduce soda.

It ended the way you might expect: With Mike carrying Ryan like a football across campus while I hurried along behind them, scarfing down the last bit of my pizza.*

*It was good pizza. Why should I give that up just cuz my kid has an attitude?