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Phase Three of Life turned TWO!


And in stereotypical busy-parent fashion, I missed the occasion. It was yesterday.


(Seeeee, family and friends – your birthdays/anniversaries aren’t the only ones I miss.)

Two years (and one day) ago, I posted this little explanation on why I was moving from my pregnancy blog to my new home at Phase Three of Life.

That seems like ages ago. Since then, I’ve changed jobs, we moved into a house, I started my own business and we’ve taken Ryan to 7,812 doctors appointments.

(That last one is only a slight exaggeration. In the past two weeks alone, Ryan has been to his pediatrician and his ear specialist; plus, he goes to a pediatric dermatologist in two days. The kid has been to more specialists in his life than Mike and I combined. But I digress to complain.)

When I re-read that first post, I thought, “Wow, she was really trying to figure herself out.” So much so that I felt cornered in by the old blog space and needed to go create a whole new blog space to be free. Or something. I think I am still figuring out who I am and what I really want out of life. But that’s part of the journey, isn’t it? Not just the journey of being a parent, but of life in general … to grow and evolve and shift and discover and grow some more.

Although I guess some things never change: I still think Raising Ryan would have been a killer blog name.