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I used to think Ryan was pretty obsessed with Mickey. Turns out, I didn’t know what a true Toddler Obsession looked like. Yet.

Enter: Dinosaurs.
Oh for the love of All That Is Holy, Dude loves himself some dinosaurs. Or, as he says, “Dia-saus.”
He has said the word “dinosaur” no less than 500 times today. No, really. I thought I was losing my mind, so I timed him for one minute to see how many times he would say the word. He said it ten times. TEN TIMES IN ONE MINUTE.
Do you know how many minutes there are in a day?! A lot. 
Dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus, dia-saus.

One dinosaur in hand, one on his lap, one tucked under his arm. 
He’s also sitting on about five more.

All the dinner-time essentials: Five dinosaurs, one plastic tree and a glass of milk (in a dinosaur cup).

Alan the Alamosaurus Dinosaur takes a ride in a bus.

Dinosaur. Roar.
Ok, I guess he still likes Mickey, too.