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I feel like I’ve been waiting a long time for this stage. The stage in which Ryan mispronounces a whole bunch of stuff and it comes out sounding all hilarious and sweet. He makes me smile every day and I feel there is no way I could ever forget how cute he is right now.

Then I go read an old blog post and I’m all “Ohhhh yeah.. toooootally forgot about that!” And I remember that my memory is not to be trusted.

So before these gems disappear forever (along with the names of nearly every teacher I had from grades K-8), here are all of Ryan’s current Toddlerisms that make me happy.

I hold you. (Translation: Hold me.) He says this when he wants me to pick him up. It works every single time, no matter how tired I am because it is the single most adorable thing I have ever heard. It is also said with a slight southern accent (I can’t explain how that came to be).

I watchin’ Choo-Choo Roar? (Translation: Can I watch Dinosaur Train?) It just freakin’ kills me that he calls Dinosaur Train “Choo-Choo Roar.” We never called it that. He just knew that trains are choo-choos and dinosaurs yell “roar,” and he made the name up. He has a good success rating with this request, as well.

Yeg-go, Mommy! (Translation: Let go, Mommy!) This is whenever I’m forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do. In fact, his Ls are always Ys these days. (“Look!” is “Yook!”; Auntie Kelly is “An Keyyee”; balloon is bayyoon.)

See you mono. (Translation: See you tomorrow.) He says this to tons of stuff. He waves out his bedroom window and says “See you mono, outside!” before he goes to bed every night. He says “See you mono, bath!” while I’m toweling him off. Today we went out for breakfast and as we were leaving, he called out “Bye-bye eat. See you mono, eat!” (He said this despite two facts: 1. We still intended to allow him to eat lunch and dinner today and 2. We have no intention of returning to Alexi’s Diner tomorrow.)

No nice! No funny! (Translation: That is not nice! That is not funny!) I can only imagine that he hears this at daycare all day long. He adds a stern finger wag for emphasis.

Ohhhhhh. Ok. (Translation: Ohhhhhh. Ok.) Sometimes I’ll give Ryan a direction, and he doesn’t quite follow it or he misunderstands. I repeat the direction a little more slowly, his eyes light up and he mutters “Ohhhhhh, ok!”

No. (Translation: Hell no.) The word most parents dread… I love it. I will ask him question after question just to hear him say it. He has two kinds of No’s. One is a horrified, why-on-Earth-would-you-suggest-such-a-terrible-thing Nooooo. The other is a short, matter-of-fact, and-that’s-the-end-of-the-discussion No. Both are awesome.

Of course, that’s just a sampling. There are all the regular sort of babyish pronunciations like “wawas” for water and “mana” for banana. There’s the fact that he will bust out a “No night-nights!” in the middle of playing outside or while I’m reading him a book, giving away the fact that he’s getting tired. The classic bah-day episode. And a new-found bossiness that is emerging (Get UP, Mommy! MOVE, Daddy! Belle, outside!)

He is adding new words and sentences every day and is becoming such a cool little person.