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Every year, we take Ryan to see Santa, who takes us on a carriage ride. A carriage ride around the parking lot of a strip mall in Phoenix. (Whatever, it’s free.) 
It’s the same Santa every year – we think he’s the real one cuz he looks and sounds all kinds of legit, despite the whole strip mall thing.
2010 (Also known as The Only Year Ryan Allowed Physical Contact): 
2011 (Perturbed by the dancing stuffed Garfield toy that was supposed to make him want to smile):
2012 (“Oh right. The dancing Garfield trick. Laaaaame.”)
(How handsome does he look in that red sweater though? I swooned all afternoon.)
All Ryan wanted to talk to Santa about was the horse (named Bill, of all things) who was pulling us around the parking lot. Santa was all “What would you like for Christmas?!” and Ryan was all “I ride a horsey!”
Ho ho ho!