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Practically every blog I read has had some sort of “holiday traditions” post in the past week. I want to roll my eyes at them the same way I’ll roll my eyes at all the “I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions, but here are all my resolutions this year” posts we’ll see the first week in January.

But the truth is, I’m a total sap when it comes to tradition. I fill the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas with endless tradition. If it’s something we’ve done in the past, I say “it’s tradition!” If we’ve never done it before, I dub it “a new tradition!”

Handmade ornaments! New tradition!

It is tradition to listen to the Carpenters Christmas CD while we decorate the tree. Pick out a new family ornament and a new ornament for Ryan each year. Drink kahlua & cream while baking cookies (my mom says, and she’s right, that it makes the cookies taste better). The lights in Sedona. The Luminarias at the botanical garden. Seafood dinner on Christmas Eve. Fudge, cherry chuckles, chocolate-covered pretzels. Getting impatient like two little kids and exchanging stocking-stuffers with Mike two days before Christmas because we just can’t wait for the other one to see what we’ve picked out.

 Sedona lights through the years.

The main reason I feel compelled to read all the “holiday traditions” posts is that I’m afraid there are other better-than-mine traditions out there that I’ll discover 30 years from now and I’ll be all whyyyyyy didn’t I think of that cuz if I had Ryan would have had the best.childhood.ever but instead it was only sub-par.

Which brings me to my biggest internal debate of the season: Elf on the Shelf. Half of me screams “CREEPY” while the other half worries that Ryan will feel left out when he realizes that damn elf visits every kid in his class besides him. I debate this with myself practically every day. 

Help me out. What traditions are *musts* for you each year? Are you for or against the Shelf Elf?

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