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You know how a song can get stuck in your head on a loop, driving you to the brink of insanity before it finally, mercifully fades away?

Well, I have toddler books going through my head. It’s the same general idea, except that instead of hearing some lovely, talented singer croon in my head, I am hearing my own annoying mom voice Over And Over.

It’s two particular passages from his current book obsessions.

“I’ve gotten this rather tall ladder here for us
to see eye to eye with Apatosaurus!”


“Chuggety-chuggety, clickety-clack! A train is coming along the track!
Monkey is driving; hear him say, “Who wants a trip on my train today?”

I’ve been silently chanting those phrases for upwards of four days now. I am so annoyed with myself and I cannot fathom why Ryan enjoys listening to me read.

I laid down the law last night and refused to read those two books, opting instead for Yertle the Turtle and Oh, the Places You’ll Go (does that book choke anyone else up?). I thought I had cured myself until my alarm went off this morning and I floated into consciousness with beep-beep-beep-chuggety-chuggety-clickety-clack…DAMMIT.

Also? Blogging about this is not helping. The annoying mom voice in my head is just getting louder, so I need to end this post now, goodbye.

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