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Ryan has a tendency to repeat himself when he wants something.

Like, “I watchin’ Dinosaur Train? Mommy? Mommy, I watchin’ Dinosaur Train. MOMMY. MOMMY, I WATCHIN’ DINOSAUR TRAIN, MOMMY.”

Or, “I have some milk? Some milk, Mommy? I HAVE SOME MILK, MOMMY. MOMMY! MOMMY! I HAVE SOME MILK, OK?”

Sometimes it makes me laugh. Other times, it makes me sigh loudly.

I have Christmas to thank for his latest obsessive request: “I open presents? Mommy, I open presents! I OPEN PRESENTS, MOMMY, PRESENTS, I OPEN PRESENTS!”

SIGH. Christmas is over, dude. I know, it sucks. Here’s your milk. Go watch Dinosaur Train.

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