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I allowed myself a little self-reflection time today, looking back at some of my most popular posts (by page views). I’m all about end-of-year reflection. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be throwing some more of that reflection at you between now and the end of 2012 (watch out!).

In the meantime, I had fun reading through these old posts, so I thought I’d share with you, too, in case you missed them or want a (second) laugh at my expense.

Phase Three of Life’s Top 12 Blog Posts from 2012

I made a pretty compelling argument for how A Toddler is Like a Pregnant Woman.

It warmed my heart and it will warm yours: All the reasons Why My Husband Loves Me.

I shared my top Tips for Toddler Travel after one of our most epic vacation disasters.

I told Ryan it’s time for him to step up his vocabulary game in An Open Letter to My Son re: Communication.

I passive-aggressively told off a rude lady in Dear Judgy Stranger at the Spring Training Game.

I pondered the timing of a second baby in On Having More Babies. (Still haven’t figured out the answer to that one. Help is still appreciated. The clock is ticking, folks!)

Best. School. Pictures. Ever. The End.

The husband and I debated whether Personality is Uniquely Individual or Inherited.

I questioned the accuracy of the Daycare Daily Report.

Swimming Sucks. (Pretty self explanatory, no?)

I spent an entire weekend of single parenting trying to decipher what on Earth “Bah-Day” meant.

Philadelphia, here we come: The post in which I lay it all out there. (Pssst! 13 weeks to go. Oh my.)

I thought I might find some grand pattern to the posts you guys like, but evidently you enjoy a nice combo of sarcasm, frustration and sincerity.

Cool. That’s how I roll, too.

Happy New Year!