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We decided to be adventurous tonight and head out for a quick family dinner after work/daycare.

Everything was going great,* until I reached over to snatch one of Mike’s french fries. I dipped it in his ketchup, mumbling “let me just try one of these here …” When I went back for a second dip, Mike let out a little gasp at my double-dipping rudeness.

As I smiled and popped it into my mouth, my son frowned at me.

No takin’ Daddy’s food, Mommy! No nice! No NICE!

No nice

At least I don’t have barbecue sauce all over my pants, kid. ZING!

The day I’ve been dreading has finally arrived: I’m officially outnumbered.



*Mike only had to take Ryan to timeout outside once, we’d only drawn a very small amount of pen on the table, and we hadn’t spilled a single thing. SCORE.