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Once upon a time, Ryan thought books were boring.

But you know how toddlers are. One day something is so boring that it’s downright insulting and the next day it’s The Best Thing Ever Invented And Proof That God Is Real.

Dude loves himself some books now. We end every night “readin’ one more book, mommy, ok?” (Eight books later, I say “No more books; time for night-nights,” and then he throws a tantrum which culminates in the throwing of his pillow, blankets and stuffed Dumbo across the room.)

Anyway, I have developed some favorites over the last several months, which I shall share with you now.

Top Five Toddler Books

1. Goodnight Moon

I know. This one seems obvious because it’s a classic and everyone loves Goodnight Moon. Well. I’m about to shock you: I think it’s kind of a dumb story.

Why is that bowl of mush just sitting uneaten on the nightstand? It looks like perfectly good mush, and if the kid didn’t want to eat it tonight, maybe someone should take a moment to pack it up in a Tupperware container and stick it in the fridge so he can eat it for dinner tomorrow.

I am also confused as to why we say goodnight to “nobody” on the blank page. We haven’t said a single word to the ball of yarn, if we’re really hurting for things to say goodnight to.

Nevertheless, it makes my Top Five Toddler Books list for three two reasons:

  • It’s short.
  • I get to hear Ryan say “Cow …  jump-ded … ova da moon!”
  • You read it calmly and softly and it sort of winds the kid down for bedtime (at least in theory).

2. Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?

This book was actually very educational for me. When you have a kid who is as obsessed with dinosaurs as mine is, you’ve got to put in the time to learn how to pronounce the names – and this book sounds them out for you.

Also, Ryan thinks that Sally and Dick (the kids who visit the Dinosaur Museum in the book) are me and Mike, and that makes me smile. I imagine this is where he thinks we go on Date Night.

That's Mike and I on the bottom left page.

That’s Mike and I on the bottom left page.
Probably going to hit the bar after the museum.

3. It’s Potty Time

(Can’t find a link to that one. Evidently there are a million “It’s Potty Time” books. Really, any one will do.)

I wouldn’t exactly say we’re “potty training” right now. Just potty encouraging, perhaps, using the world-renowned Bribe Method.

(In case you’ve never utilized the Bribe Method, it goes like this: He pees, he gets M&Ms. He doesn’t pee, he doesn’t get M&Ms.)

The reason I like this book is that every time I cheer for the little boy who successfully pees, Ryan goes, “Oooooh, poo-poo potty! Get ‘pecial MMs!” He’s proud of that little boy and excited that he gets special M&Ms. I think that is sweet of him.

4. Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Obviously, this one makes me cry. Kid, you’ll move mountains = *sob*

5. Bubbles, Bubbles

I saved the best for last. This book is the greatest thing to ever come out of the Target Dollar Spot. (And that’s saying something, am I right? You have experienced the awesomeness that is the Target Dollar Spot, yes?)

It’s the first book Ryan really fell in love with, the first book I memorized. One time when I was traveling, I was able to Skype with him and “read” him the book from memory while he flipped through the pages. I even have a stash of them at home that I give as gifts. Adore. It.

What are your favorite kids’ books?