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I haven’t talked about Ryan’s ears much lately. Mostly because I figure Ryan’s got another ear infection, waaaaaaah! gets old after a while.

He got his first set of tubes at 9 months old. But even with the tubes, he continued to battle double ear infections. The tubes were great, though, because when he got an infection, it would drain out his ears and we would know to take him to the doctor. But inevitably, one of the tubes came out and the drainage stopped and he continued to get (and keep) the infections.

So this morning, he got his second set of tubes, with a little adenoid removal thrown in for extra fun.

The first time he got tubes, I was worried. He’d never been under anesthesia before and although it’s a very common procedure, it’s still surgery and that’s a scary word for the parent of an infant.

This time, I was worried again. Not so much about the surgery, but the fact that he’s not yet 2-1/2. It’s a tricky age. He understands a lot and he knows what pain is, but he isn’t old enough to grasp the concept that going through a procedure and painful recovery now is good for later.

But he trusts us. So he donned the tiger hospital gown, said hi to his doctor, took the nurse’s hand and stoically walked back to the operating room.

Toddler hospital gowns: Equally parts cute and sad.

Toddler hospital gowns: Equal parts cute and sad.

The kid has dealt with a lot in his little life. Besides the non-stop ear infections, he’s also battled respiratory problems, allergies of all kinds and skin problems. He’s had croup, he’s had hand-foot-and-mouth disease. He freaking likes to take medicine, because he knows it makes him feel better.

He did great today, despite waking up disoriented and uncomfortable and despite throwing up multiple times in the operating room and on the drive home.


I know, you think he’s sleeping in that picture. But right after I took that picture, I whispered “we’ll go home and get you some rest.”

And he whimpered in response, “No night-nights … I watchin’ Choo-Choo Roar …

When we got home, he was still dizzy and disoriented, yet he managed to stumble over to the couch and request his box of toy dinosaurs. He then proceeded to watch two episodes of Dinosaur Train and one episode of Super Why, ate two waffles and a huge bowl of ice cream, and then begrudgingly agreed to take a nap – but only if I promised he could have a cookie when he woke up.

"i-cream" with "spinkles".

“i-cream” with “spinkles”.

Then he woke up with a smile on his face and ate those cookies, plus dinosaur chicken nuggets, plus applesauce, plus part of a banana.

So I think he’s ok.