I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who has piles of unfinished posts on her dashboard. A thought or a topic strikes me and I jot down a line or two to remind myself that I simply must share it with you when I have time.

Sometimes I get back to them and finish them … sometimes I don’t. I cleaned out all of my unfinished posts last week. It was an amusing chore. Here are a few in particular that caught my eye (with my updated comments under each one):

1. “Whether the timing is coincidental.”

(That’s all it said. I have no idea what that means.)

2. “Ryan screaming at people… He’s really happy until he’s not.”

(Understatement of the year. You know why he’s “happy until he’s not”? Cuz he’s a toddler.)

3. “The Mayor of Daycare.”

(I call Ryan the “Mayor of Daycare” because he waves and says goodbye to every single person we pass on our way our of school every day. Cute but probably not worth a whole post, seeing as how I just summed it up in one sentence for you.)

4. “I cannot go out. I have a kid.”

(I seem to remember typing this after yet another “You haven’t seen that movie yet?? What is wrong with you?!” comment from someone several years younger than me. What’s “wrong with me” is that I have a kid. Movie theaters are not a priority for me right now. I am too busy focusing on healthy ears, nap schedules, potty training and how to get my kid to stop hitting people. I’m so fun right now, I know.)

Also important? Perfectly arranged football helmets.

Also important? Perfectly arranged football helmets.

I still might need to do a full post on that last one. I feel as though I have more to say on that topic.

8 Responses to Finishing the unfinished posts.

  1. Jaclyn says:

    I have a friend who gets particularly frustrated when others don’t understand that she _can’t_ just drop everything and do X, Y and Z. And I know she’s lost friendships over it. The first time we talked about this instance, she was surprised that I mentioned before she could, “I’m sure you don’t have time.” Which made ME surprised that the childfree folks wouldn’t know this already. It seems like a no-brainer, but man, can people get wrapped up in their own little lives. I’d be very interested to know how you, someone I consider polite and logical, would address someone so clueless.

    • I try very hard not to get snarky, but with one or two people, I have started to answer the “why haven’t/can’t you…” questions with “Because I have a kid.” Simply because these people don’t seem to get it. Not that I expect everyone to constantly consider Ryan in every single conversation, but it really grates on my nerves when someone is like “You can’t make it to my party that starts at 9 p.m. at my house that is 45 minutes from where you live?? WHY???” Uh, because I have a kid. And I don’t feel right asking a babysitter to sit at my house until all hours of the night. And you know this because we had practically the same conversation LAST WEEK. (And don’t get me wrong – I still love to be invited, but I don’t like to be guilt-tripped when I have to decline.)

      In my experience, it hasn’t been a parent vs. non-parent thing. I have many friends who don’t have children who are very considerate of Ryan and understanding of my limitations. I think it’s more of a maturity thing.

  2. Alison says:

    I like the strange and mysterious one lines that at some point, you wanted to morph into a blog post. :)

    What’s wrong with you, is seriously the rudest thing to say to someone. Grrr.

  3. What about “Oh I slept in yesterday and it was AMAZING!” or “here’s a picture of me with a magazine at the pool *YAWN* I think I’ll take a nap in the sun.”

    1. I haven’t slept in for 26 months.
    2. I’d like to read a magazine and nap but I have to make sure my child doesn’t drown so….have fun with that.

  4. Lacey says:

    I have SO MANY posts in draft like this! I like how you wrapped them all up in one post!

    Also, “I cannot go out, I have a kid” = story of my life!


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