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The “Terrible Twos”? Are legit, people. Totally, completely, frighteningly legit.

The mood swings and resulting tantrums are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Take last night for example. I picked Ryan up from daycare, and dude was in The Best Mood. He told me all about his day, which involved playing outside, playing with friends, and the fact that Ms. Janelle wore a hat. He asked me to turn on his favorite Mumford and Sons song – good taste must be genetic – and we sang to each other the whole way home.

We pulled into the garage, excitedly discussing how Daddy had gone to work that morning to make money so we could buy milk but now he was home and we were going to see him. And eat race car chicken nuggets! And applesauce! And yay our lives are great!

I unbuckled Ryan from his car seat, and he glanced down and spotted a very old, half-full water bottle in the cup holder of the door.

I want dat water!”

No, buddy, that water is old and dirty. Let’s go inside and I’ll get you some fresh water.”

And the Toddler Tantrum Switch flipped on and my sweet boy turned into a screaming, crying, fist-pounding-against-the-car-door lunatic.


He paced in front of the closed car door. He hit the car. He ran over to me, hit me, and ran back to the car. A few times. He was quite perturbed.

My hands were full of bags and daycare papers and jackets, so I basically just supervised him to make sure he didn’t run into the middle of the road and get hit by a car. Luckily, Mike heard the commotion and came out to the garage for the assist.

One battle of wills Time Out later, the switch flipped back to the off position and he happily ate his race car chicken nuggets and applesauce.

Age two is fun. You know, spontaneous and unpredictable. In a you-never-know-if-you’re-going-to-have-a-great-day-or-an-awful-day-and-be-prepared-for-both sort of way.