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I’m stressed.

Remember that whole “I’m so zen and I’m going to totally ENJOY this wonderful year of transition for our family….” ?

Yeah, that’s over.

We are 7.5 weeks – I can also calculate this in hours and minutes at any given moment, if you’re interested – from Mike’s job ending. He does not yet have another job lined up; therefore, we do not know where exactly where we’re going. The best we can pinpoint is “eastern Pennsylvania,” but that’s not very specific when you’re trying to line up a moving company and/or rent a home, now is it?

(Better get that guest room ready for us, mom-in-law!)

We are collecting estimates on moving costs. We are scheduling goodbye get-togethers with friends and co-workers. We are visiting all our favorite places “one last time.”

In other words, shit is getting real.

But there is still so much up in the air … and maybe I should ship toys ahead of time so that Ryan has stuff to play with while our stuff trucks across the country … and I just know the movers are going to break my favorite mirror. I just know it.

(Better stock up on the Yuengling, dad-in-law.)

You know who else is stressed? Ryan. Of course, his stress is toddler stress, but trust me, it’s just as potent as adult stress. That darned Sam-I-am will NOT get it through his head – he does not like green eggs and ham!

So, lay it on me. If you’ve moved across the country fairly recently, I need all your best tips. If you’ve moved across the country with a toddler, I need all your best and your mediocre tips.