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I’m a little scattered.

(But in a good way, I think. A busy way. A working-toward-big-things kind of way.)

I haven’t posted in a week. When I realized that this morning, I panicked a bit. And then I realized: I can’t afford to panic about my blog when I’m panicked about the rest of my life. You guys will still be here when I get back, right?

I’ve been off work this week. I had to burn up some PTO and thought it would be a good chance to line up some moving details and start packing the obvious stuff. (Random aside: Can anyone tell me why I own so many books and photo albums. Dear god, the photo albums!)

I worked so hard on packing and organizing yesterday that my back ached by the time the sun set. And that’s when my brilliant husband stepped in to say: “You know, you’re allowed to actually enjoy a little bit of your time off.

I … IĀ am? Well, that changes things.

So today, I gave myself a true day off. I did a tiny bit of work in the morning and then I took myself on a date.

I went to one of my favorite places in the Valley: Old Towne Scottsdale.


Old Towne is where we take friends and family who are in visiting from out of town. It has a million cute little stores that sell all kinds of ridiculous kitschy crap. T-shirts about how Phoenix is a “dry heat,” straw cowboy hats and chili pepper aprons. It also has some of the best southwestern jewelry stores in the area. In other words, it’s the perfect place to get souvenirs.

I decided I needed an Arizona souvenir. I’d had my eye on a turquoise cuff bracelet for months, and a little extra income this month gave me the permission I needed.

So I bought it. Then I bought Ryan an ABC T-shirt (A is for Agave, B is for Bobcat, C is for Coyote, D is for Diamondback Rattlesnake … just your typical ABC shirt). Then I bought my mom a birthday gift (shhhh, nobody tell her). Then I bought a metal cactus lawn ornament that will one day live in my yard in Pennsylvania. (Assuming we ever move out of my in-laws house, which we all hope will happen – dad-in-law, did you stock up on the Yuengling yet?)

And THEN I treated myself to lunch in the Rusty Spur Saloon.


I ate a chicken quesadilla and washed it down with a Grand Canyon pilsner* while I watched the snow birds in action. (How did I never know that snow birds are fun and hilarious and just a little bit raunchy? Lesson learned.)

Here’s what else I learned today:

  1. It’s ok to enjoy a day off even if no one else around you has a day off.
  2. I’m a damn good date.

I’ll try not to go another week before posting. But, like I said, I’m scattered. So no promises.



*Fine, TWO pilsners. What kind of date would I be if I didn’t treat myself to at least two drinks, am I right?