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It’s been quite a week. Ryan kicked it off on Sunday by getting sick. Mostly a fever and not much else, which is always fun cuz it could mean any of the following things: he’s got a cold, he’s got the flu, he’s got some other illness, he’s teething, or he’s dying. Luckily, I’m not the dramatic type, so I guessed it was a cold.

I was right! As is evidenced by the cold I now have. Because I am destined to get absolutely every germ that crosses my path this year. (I have had FOUR colds so far in 2013 … and 2013 ain’t that old yet, you know?)

Anyway, the cold plus the moving bullshit plus whateverwhatever means that I cannot form my thoughts into a rightful post. So I will leave you with a list of The Top Five Most Random Things I Learned This Week:

  1. It is psychologically impossible for me to pack a box of stuff without an open beer* nearby. Even when I’m sick.
  2. When Mike reads “Green Eggs and Ham” to Ryan, he gives Sam a strangely high, squeaky voice. I give him a more normal, if not slightly incredulous, voice. But the other guy? The guy who doesn’t want to eat the eggs?** I give him a very annoyed and tiny bit angry voice. Mike gives him a patient, measured voice. I don’t know what any of that means, but it’s hilarious to me to hear him read the book in what is clearly not the right voices.
  3. Whenever I tell Mike I’m “blogging,” he responds with, “Oh, you’re blarging?” (He just reminded me of that one. I don’t know why he says that.)
  4. If you are a spider and you dare to enter my car, I WILL KILL YOU. Yes, I will scream a girly scream into my cell phone as my poor mother listens, but I will still get you. And then yes, I will think all day about whether or not you have friends waiting for me in the car ready to attack when I leave work, and I will text my mom for reassurance that everything is going to be alright. And that’s ok; I hope Ryan still needs me when he’s 30 years old, too.
  5. I have been cursing more on my blog lately. I think it’s because I can no longer really curse in real life. Toddler Dude picks up every damn*** thing these days. Everyone needs an outlet, and most of my friends are not interested in receiving curse-filled text messages everyday. I say most, because I know a couple of them wouldn’t mind. (Tay and Lesley, I’m looking at you.)
Random cute picture of my kid! Cuz that's what Mommy Bloggers do!

Random cute picture of my kid! Cuz that’s what Mommy Bloggers do!



*However, a glass of wine will do in a pinch. (“Pinch” being defined as “I already drank all the beer.”)

**Does anyone have any idea what that guy’s name is?