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Today, I’m over at Kludgy Mom, guest posting about our upcoming move (3.5 weeks to go!) and my biggest source of anxiety: Whether I’m cut out to be a stay-at-home mom.

Sneak peek:

Life is a collection of moving parts, a constant shifting of priorities. Things are moving and shifting right now. Over the next few weeks, we’ll pack up our things and trek 2,500 miles across the country to live near family for the first time in almost a decade. With us we bring two cars, some furniture, our two-year-old son, our anxiety-ridden cat, and a severance package.

It’s not a decision we made abruptly, nor was the severance package delivered without warning. We’ve known this was coming and have prepared for it. We are excited, and we are hopeful. I am also a little bit terrified.

Click here for the rest of my post and then tell me that everything will be just fine. Please and thank you.