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At times of big change, I tend to reflect and reminisce a lot. I’ve been thinking lately of all the good memories we have in Arizona – memories I will be packing up and bringing along with me to the East Coast. As long as I’m reflecting, I might as well share, right?

A Dozen Really Good Desert Memories

1. The moment I opened up the letter that said I received a journalism fellowship in Arizona – the reason why I moved here from Ohio.

2. The first time I saw lightening in Arizona on a drive back from a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. I’d never seen lightening that made the entire sky look like a continuous strobe light from every direction.

3. The moment I first met Mike and we were riding up an escalator at a Suns game and I thought, “Dang, that guy is good lookin’.”

4. Wandering around on our first date, trying to find a wine bar.

5. Watching the giant pine cone drop on New Year’s Eve in Flagstaff.

6. Being proposed to in a pumpkin patch on a sunny 90-degree day.

7. All our family gathering in our condo for dinner a couple days before our wedding – the first time many of them met.

8. Barely dodging a monsoon storm the night of our wedding.

9. The blizzard in Flagstaff during Thanksgiving weekend of 2009.

10. Seeing my positive pregnancy test. I can picture every detail of the moment in my mind, but I would love to experience that feeling of total shock and excitement again.

11. The hail storm of 2010. I had a brand new baby dressed in a pumpkin sleeper, Mike was home from work for lunch, and that hail was unlike anything I’d ever seen. It all somehow seemed magical.

12. Taking Ryan to Sedona last year to see the Christmas light displays and seeing his excitement upon discovering the first display featured all his favorite characters from Dinosaur Train.

You know what just occurred to me? None of those top memories has anything to do with work – except maybe the first one, but that one hardly counts. They all have to do with family or travel. Maybe this whole stay-at-home mom thing won’t be so bad after all.