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Things have been … busy. My last few weeks of work also happened to have coincided with one of the busiest times of the year for me as we finished up a large event we’ve been planning for several months.

Throw in a cold that turned into a sinus infection that turned into a bacterial eye infection, plus my husband getting the flu, plus Ryan getting an ear infection, plus even the anxiety-ridden cat getting an infection and you’ve got one big party.

Oh, PLUS this:

moving boxers

You may notice that nearly every box is labeled “FRAGILE.” It’s my not-so-subtle way of telling the movers that I like my stuff. All of it. IT’S ALL FRAGILE, BE CAREFUL OK?

(And in case you’re wondering, yes, I do think “Fra-GEE-lay … it must be Italian!” every single time I write it out. You know, from A Christmas Story … a major award … Never mind.)

Hey, wanna know what else? My kid has Way. Too. Many. Toys. I discovered this after I naively decided I would “pack up some toys real fast.” Two hours and several large boxes later, I was a little disgusted with how much that kid has and yet how big of a fit he throws if he’s not allowed to turn on the bathwater himself. Get a grip, kid.

Anyway, so that is what’s happening over here this week. I know, I know. My life is glamorous, you wish you were me, etc.

Nine days until I’m officially a WAHM, and my life gets even more glamorous. As if that is possible.