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You’ve decided you’re really going to grow up, haven’t you? You’re two and a half today. Before we have a chance to catch our breath and soak that in, we’ll be saying you’re three. I feel like we’re belted into a car, speeding down a mountain, watching the memories fly past us – through us – faster, faster, faster.

September 2010 ... March 2013

September 2010 … March 2013

You’re so far from the days of pointing and grunting your desires. You learn new words and phrases every day, every minute. We have conversations. You ask me questions like “What’s Daddy doing?” and “Are you ok?” and “There’s an airplane, Mommy! Where’s it going?” One day you don’t know the difference between red and blue and the next day you do. One day you can’t identify which hand is your right hand versus your left hand, and the next day you can.

You are opinionated in the way all toddlers are, although you are becoming a bit more indecisive. I try to give you a choice whenever I can. (Snowman cup or car cup? Train t-shirt or football t-shirt?) If there is a dinosaur option, that always wins. If not, you need an extra moment to consider things. You carefully look back and forth, mumbling “ummmmm” until you decide. And then you change your mind. Sometimes I make it easy on you by choosing for you. That helps you realize that you definitely want the other one.

You’ve become a little jumping beanYou jump in place, you jump off steps, you jump into your car seat. You’d jump off furniture all day long if we let you. (Sometimes we do.) You’re still cautious, you’re still careful. But now and then… you take a small chance. You run with abandon across the backyard or you stand up on your reading chair to reach a book. You are growing more confident in yourself and your abilities.

You are getting bigger and so are your emotions. You’ve never been one to throw massive tantrums, but you have struggled to find a way to process all these new feelings. For you, those emotions have been vented through aggression (hitting, biting, pinching, rinse, repeat). But recently, we’ve seen you struggling to make the decision not to hit. You shake your fists, you bite the couch or you yell “Not NICE, Mommy/Daddy!” It makes me proud, strangely enough. You’re learning that the world isn’t always fair, that everything doesn’t revolve around your needs and wants, that there are consequences for behaviors. It’s a lot for such a little person to process, but we can see you are trying very hard.

You are so very sweet. You squeal “my mommy!” or “my daddy!” and hug us several times a day. You tell us you “yove” us. You are constantly concerned with whether Belle wants to go outside and whether we will allow her to do so. If I bump into something, you’re the first person to ask me if I’m ok and if I need a kiss. (I always say yes, even if I’m fine.)

All of a sudden, you seem like such a big boy.


We have fun things ahead of us, Bub. We’re spending our last nights in Arizona, packing up the final boxes and getting ready to move to Pennsylvania. I’m not sure if you’ll remember this place at all, but it’s been good to us. Arizona will always be the place that made us a family. For that, it’s special. But where we’re going is special, too. There are a lot of reasons we’re making this move, but you are the biggest, most important reason. We want this for you. It’s going to be hectic for a little while, but we’ll all be together, and that’s what matters. Consider it your first big adventure.

Words can’t explain how much joy you’ve added to our lives, how much we love watching you grow.

We love you all the way to the Jurassic Time Period and back.

Happy half birthday, Bubber.


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