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I like the tradition of taking Ryan to the same Santa and Easter Bunny every year. It’s fun to look back at the pictures and see how much Ryan changes from year to year while the rest of the scene around him stays the same.

We leave Arizona in one week, so I was glad to have one last chance to take Ryan to our favorite Easter Bunny.

He was actually excited this year at the prospect of visiting the big, creepy fluffy bunny because he finally bought into the hype. I’m all, “He’s going to bring you chocolate! And jelly beans! And he’ll hide eggs with little treats inside for you to find! He’s so fun!”

As usual, Ryan was all talk and no game and wouldn’t approach the bunny on his own. I had to jump in the picture at the last second to make him feel more comfortable. (Alright, I also bribed him with M&Ms. We’d been waiting in line for an HOUR, which every parent knows feels more like 14 years with a toddler. I would have given him anything he wanted in exchange for one halfway decent picture.) But we were glad he managed to ditch his usual serious Easter face in favor of a cheesy smile:

Easter Bunny 2011-2013

But… uhhhhhh… it looks like the bunny had an interesting year since we saw him last April.

I spent the rest of the day correcting my pronouns. “Wow, you met the Easter Bunny! He’s going to, I mean SHE’S going to bring you chocolates! And he’ll … SHE’LL … hide eggs for you to find! Isn’t he – SHE – so cool?!”