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Today was probably our best day so far. I armed myself properly at the beginning of the day by coming up with a get-out-of-the-house plan, as well as digging out some of Ryan’s toys that had become buried in the back of the playroom, which we are now fondly referring to as the “staging area.”

The toys were a hit and distracted him until we left for his haircut appointment. After his haircut, we headed to McDonald’s for a happy meal and some PlayPlace time. Yes, that’s right, fast food AND a germ-infested play area. I’m trying to survive this week, people.*


When he got home, I let him watch a cartoon before he crashed for a 2-hour nap, during which I packed up the rest of my kitchen. (Excuse me while I do the “I’m almost done packing!” dance.) When he woke up, he played games on my iPad for a while, Skyped with my parents, played outside with his water table, and then watched an episode of Dinosaur Train while we waited for Mike to get home.


We only had two timeouts — one right after another while we were Skyping, naturally. I only got hit once and pinched once today (hence the two time outs), which I consider a success.

The best part of my day? Was when Ryan came running up to me with a Hot Wheels car in his hand. He handed it to me, said “here, Mommy!” and ran back over to his toys. He had stopped what he was doing specifically to come and bring me a car. It’s an improvement over yesterday when he was hitting me over the head with it, right?

The second best part of my day? When a giant bee** came flying at me and I ducked and yelled something like “AAARRRGGGGGHHHH!” Ryan shot me a confused look, and I explained that a really big bug had startled me and I was sure he was probably a nice bug, but he still scared me a little. And Ryan turned toward the area where the bee had flown off and yelled, “Not NICE, bug! Don’t do that to Mommy!”

Aw, thanks kid.

Three days down!


*Plus, I got to finish his chicken nuggets and fries. Classic definition of a win-win situation.
**Bees = my biggest fear, followed closely by spiders. This particular bee was like 3-feet long. Not NICE, bug.


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