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Life in Pennsylvania is … well, it’s sort of like vaca. At least for right now.

We live with my in laws. We eat a lot of good food. We don’t work. Etc.

Hopefully that will all change very soon and Mike will land a good job and we’ll move into a nice house and then the life we’ve been picturing for the past year will be a reality. Right? Yes?

In the meantime, we’ll have to deal with watching Real Housewives all day – I mean! – exposing Ryan to new fun, educational things and such.

Speaking of Ryan? He decided that moving 2,500 miles this week wasn’t enough. He’d also like to sleep in a big boy bed.



But you know what’s even bigger than a big boy bed? Philly cheesesteaks and French fries.


It’s safe to say we’re enjoying ourselves.


Dude knows how to take a quality selfie. Can’t imagine where he learned that.