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1. Attempt to feed the toddler every form of pasta known to man over a two-year period. Fail miserably.

2. Proclaim that everyone in your family absolutely, unequivocally hates pasta. Yuck, yuck, yuck! (Wanna try it? No? Ok, dammit.)

3. Offer some buttered mashed potatoes for the first time. Cuz if you don’t like mashed potatoes, get out of our house.

4. Oh, you like the mashed potatoes?! Yay, success! How about some buttered noodles now? Still no, huh?

5. Fine. Mommy will eat your buttered noodles, you weirdo. Cuz we do not let buttered noodles go to waste in this family … What, you don’t want Mommy to eat them? Would you like a bite? Oh, you want them all?