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You know how when you go on vacation, you tend to unplug? Your instagram feed may see more action than it has in months, but all other online communication slows a bit. You fall behind on the blogs you normally read religiously. You peek in on Facebook but don’t comment a whole lot. You intend to come back to respond to emails but never do.

Then you get back home and the switch flips back to the “on” position and you get to work catching up on all things technologically social.

My switch hasn’t flipped back to “on” yet.

I’m not on vacation and yet … this month has been so vastly different from every other month of my adult life that I find myself not quite knowing what it feels like.

We’re on vacation but we’re never going home. We’re in our new state but we don’t know which town will be ours. We’ve started a whole new chapter of our lives, but we still can’t decipher how the second sentence reads.

We’re in limbo.

We hope the limbo will end in the next couple of weeks. Really, really hope.

Totally random picture, but totally love this kid's face.

Totally random picture, but totally love this kid’s face.

In the meantime, I’m going to allow myself a little partial-unplugging time. I’m not a force-it-when-you-don’t-feel-it sort of person. I’m more of a when-all-else-fails-pick-up-a-good-book sort of person. So that’s what I’m doing. Reading books, attempting to locate the nearest Target in the rain, learning to pronounce things like “Schoenersville” and, in general, getting my physical and emotional bearings.

But I’ll probably be back soon to tell you about how Mike and I have had to go all Super Nanny on Ryan the past few weeks. Because if there is one constant in a parent’s life, it is the unrelenting force of the Toddler Tantrum, which knows no geographic boundaries.