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I tug the computer toward me, gently swipe off a layer of dust and pry open the top.

Hello, computer.*

My life is not any more defined than it was a week ago. Or three weeks ago. Or ten months ago. If anything, things have gotten even more complicated on the job front in the past day or two.

Even so, we’re settling in. We’re hitting a bit of a stride, developing some semblance of a routine, even if it’s not a longterm routine. I know where my mother-in-law keeps the measuring cups, and I feel this information will serve me well over the next 20 years.

Also? Things are blooming.


I feel more like myself today and I attribute a bit of that to this guy:


Me and my brother.

Before today, I hadn’t seen my brother in almost a year. He’s the first of my immediate family that I’ve seen since we landed on the East Coast. He was passing through the area on his way to a cigar festival.** That’s the thing about living one state away from your family … occasionally, someone will pass through. Do you know how often that happens in Phoenix? (Duh, never.)

There is something about having lunch with someone who has known you your entire life … it calms you down in a way other things can’t. It was a breath of fresh air; a surprising feat for a late lunch in a cigar bar.

Today was a reminder that while the stress of life ebbs and flows, some things – like the genetically dry, sarcastic humor that matches your own and confuses the waitress – remain steady.

We are who we are. And partially, we are where we come from. Location and money don’t change the core of us – they just affect our immediate circumstance, which is subject to change at any moment.



*Any Trekkies out there?

**Also known as, an escape from three kids for a weekend. I mean, he didn’t say that, but it must be, right?