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When Mike and I were both working full time, we split the house chores as evenly as possible. I made the bed; he took the garbage out. I washed bathroom counters and mirrors; he scrubbed showers. I steamed the tile floors; he vacuumed the carpeted rooms. He washed his clothes; I washed mine.

That last one surprised people the most. From older family members to younger friends, there seemed to be one universal Rule of Laundry that everyone else was following: The woman does it.

No offense to my darling husband, but that wasn’t going to happen in our house. We both worked. I did all the other laundry in our home, including towels, sheets and Ryan’s clothes. My husband was a grown man who had lived on his own for many years before we were married and always managed to show up in clean clothing. I did not need to spend every waking hour at home doing laundry. He could continue to wash his own T-shirts.

Unfortunately, that arrangement doesn’t fly when he’s working all day and I’m not.

All that to say: I’m doing a lot of laundry these days.

Other ways in which I am becoming The Embodiment of Domesticity:

1. I cooked my first meal in at least a few years that was not a frozen pizza, a grilled cheese or stir fry (my one and only specialty). For as much as I love baking, I dislike cooking approximately an equal amount. But when one is home all day and one prefers home-cooked food to takeout, one must get over such things.


2. I can finally fold a fitted sheet into a flat square rather than a balled-up mess.

3. I have rediscovered my inner cheapness. I’ve always been a bargain-hunter — after all, Mike and I started our marriage on journalists’ salaries. But I had gotten a little lax over the past couple of years when new jobs afforded us a fair amount of disposable income. Now that our income is anythingΒ but disposable, I’m back on the hunt. My new catchphrase is “There’s no way I’m spending $X on THAT.”

4. I am considering making my own household cleaner. I’ve always thought it was a good idea, in an abstract way; now I may actually follow through.

Ryan is becoming domesticated, too.

Ryan is becoming domesticated, too.

Any other Domestic Geniuses out there? Give me your best tips. Ways to save money on groceries; websites for easy (read: crockpot) meals; advice on the whole make-your-own-cleaner thing; whatever else I’m not thinking of.