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Before you become a parent, other parents are full of warnings. You’ve heard them all before: Kids change everything! You’ll never sleep well again! Oh, you think age TWO is bad?! Wait ’till age three!

You know what no one ever told me? Your child will imitate your language patterns and make you realize you sound like an idiot on a regular basis.

A few weeks ago, Ryan and I were at yet another vet appointment with our extremely needy feline, Belle. He pointed to a dog in the waiting room and declared, “Mommy! It’s like a dog!

I laughed my patronizing mom laugh and responded, “Sweet pea, it’s not like a dog; it IS a dog!

For the next few days, he kept describing things this way. A triceratops was like a triceratops. A bunny was like a bunny. I chuckled each time, wondering where he might have picked up this amusing little descriptive tic.

Later that week, we walked into an office building together for a meeting. As we trudged up the stairs, Ryan pointed out a large picture of some sort of reptile.

Mommy, what is it?!” he asked.

I looked at it for a moment, unsure of the correct answer.

Uhhh. He’s like… a… gecko.”

Oh, shit.