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Back in May, we went to a barbecue at a friend’s house. It was there that Ryan discovered his new greatest love:


I’m talking about the ball, not the girl, although he was quite smitten with her, too.

He had the time of his life with that thing. So, being the awesome mom that I am, I bought him his very own Big Ball the next time we went to Target. (It was only $2.99! Score!)


It lasted about a week until one day, we forgot about it and left it outside overnight. It blew away, never to be seen again. RIP, Big Ball 1.0.

I was a little annoyed, but figured for $2.99, I could afford to get him a new one.


Big Ball 2.0 was kicked around for another week or so, until it suddenly and inexplicably deflated. We suspected that a solid kick into the rose bush was the culprit but couldn’t be sure.

We taped the hole. Ryan promptly – and proudly – tore the tape off. RIP, Big Ball 2.0.

Maybe this Big Ball thing just isn’t meant to be, I said. How many of these things am I supposed to buy?!

The next time I went to Target, I bought another one. Big Ball 3.0 was orange. Big Ball 3.0 was beautiful. Big Ball 3.0 lasted exactly 15 minutes before dying at the hands of the now-undoubtably-guilty rose bush. RIP, Big Ball 3.0.

Enough is enough, I said. A $3 ball has now cost me $9!

But then I went to Walmart, where I found them for $2.50. So I came home with Big Ball 4.0, a bright blue number that had spark and class – and frankly, felt sturdier than its Target counterparts. It lasted about six days before the rose bushes got him.


This time, we tried gluing the hole and pumped it back up. It worked for about half a day, but it wasn’t quite the same and deflated a little more with each kick. RIP, Big Ball 4.0.

Meet the newest addition to our family, Big Ball 5.0:


Blue with green dots. Not my favorite, but it was the last one at our local Walmart.

To sum up, that’s five big balls over the span of eight weeks for a total investment of $14.

Big Ball 5.0 has been with us for two days so far, and I am trying to keep my expectations low and not get too attached. Because honestly … losing Orange 3.0 so suddenly still hurts a little.